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Hi! I’m Yvonne

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved wandering into forests, small alleyways, any place obscured from view that might hold something awe inspiring. Finding something magical in the ordinary, a small flicker of dappled light dancing in the grass, the soothing sound water where I expected none to be, filled me with delight. Today, I still find that magic everywhere I look and it’s that magic I weave into my art.

But why so many darn cats?  Well… I have to admit, I am a ~CAT PERSON~  -a cat person who has happened to never own a cat in her life.  But yet, my love of cats is the first thing people learn about me when they meet me. (I am likely to be carrying some cat accessory that sparks the conversation.)

Perhaps they are so present in my work because they give me a sense of comfort.  After college, life became more difficult; I found myself with new mental health challenges and I really struggled to work though them.  I am still struggling.  Connecting cute fuzzy cats and the mystical fantastical world is something that I find healing.  It lets me focus on things that are positive and uplifting.

It is my hope that others will find healing in my art as well.